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I first picked up a camera to record what was happening around me to trigger my memory of a place or event.  I learned quickly that through the camera I could communicate that memory to others.  I was fascinated by the great photojournalists of the past such as Robert Capa who transported me to exotic and often dangerous places simply by picking up a newspaper or magazine.  Often a single image could say more than the most well-written description.  I was determined to join their ranks.  I joined a large city newspaper and began recording what I saw in the streets around me.  Although self taught, I learned my craft at the hands of photgraphers whose primary interest was to get the image into the newspaper by a daily deadline.  After working for a few news organizations, I determined that the single image was not the direction I wished to continue in.  I needed to spend more time with a subject and develop a deeper understanding as either the subject changed or my understanding changed over time.

My next development as a photographer was to move towards the series or portfolio.  The single image was transformed into several, either made over a short time as in my quintychs or over several years as in the Brasil Portfolio.  I now see in groupings, sometimes small, as few as three, but more typically in larger on-going projects.  My equipment varies with the objective I seek, from 35mm hand cameras, to stereo cameras, to 4 X 5 view cameras.  All of my images are film based transparencies or negatives but they are now drum scanned and produced as chromogenic prints on archival stock.

Over the years I have had the privilege to work with or know several photographers who have influenced my particular aesthetic.  Most notably have been Sean Kernan, who helped me to see; Fred Picker, who taught me to discipline my technique; and Marc Riboud, who impressed on me that for the phtographic artist, the image must stand alone without words to describe it.

My journey continues, as it has through the years, looking at the world and honestly reacting to it.  I would like to think that what has spoken to me will resonate with you.

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